They’re popping up everywhere

Cake pops have become a popular sweet treat in the past few years.

Some colorful cake pops from Just a Bite Cake Pops in Orange County, CA.

The little balls of cake covered in icing are attached to lollipop sticks for a quick, bite-sized treat to cure a craving. The pops have grown in popularity as menu items in many bakeries; you may have seen them recently at Starbucks coffee shop.

Some bakers have even started companies focused on cake pops, like this one.

According to market research firm IRI, pie and cake sales grew 4% from 2010 to 2011 and are continuing to grow. IRI reports that these sales are attributed to growing trends with foods that are a good value and are portion controlled.

It is no surprise that cake pops have thrived in such a market. They are extremely simple and inexpensive to make.

You’ll be popping these in the oven in no time with this easy recipe.


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